Best Things to Do in Cordoba Spain + Map

Cordoba Spain


Cordoba Spain Mezquita

The Mezquita is one of the finest Islamic buildings in the world. I don’t want to spoil any surprises that await you in this magnificent building.

So I will just say that this building features so much more than what you can see in the photographs. Make sure you go and experience it for yourself. 

Cordoba Spain

Flamenco Museum – Centro Flamenco Fosforito

This flamenco museum is one of the finest in the whole of Andalusia. It has exhibitions, films and lots of information guiding you through the history of flamenco. The museum is located in a building which is featured in Don Quijote. The building itself used to be a horse market and the fountain in the square dates from the 16th century. 

Palacio de Viana

This incredible palace was occupied by the Marqueses de Viana until 1980. It features 12 patios in the palace, perfect for Instagram! 

Museo Arqueologico – Archeological Museum 

The archeological museum in Cordoba takes you through the history of the city and has many interesting exhibits including a famous coin collection. 

Cordoba’s Jewish Quarter 

Cordoba Spain City Wall

Cordoba’s Jewish Quarter is known as the Juderia. It’s a wonderful place to get lost in the narrow streets and small squares. It’s the tourist area of Cordoba so if you are on the scout for souvenirs from your trip it’s the area to head to.

Jewish Quarter Cordoba Spain

Puente Romano – Roman Bridge

Roman Bridge Cordoba Spain

Crossing the river just below the Mezquita, this roman bridge was featured in Game of Thrones. It is car free and is worth strolling across to get a different perspective of the city. 

Medina Azahara

The Medina Azahara is situated slightly outside of Cordoba, but it’s an amazing city/palace and well worth a visit as it’s such a short journey from Cordoba. It’s eight km outside the city. 

Visit During a Festival

In typical Spanish style, Cordoba features fiestas and festivals throughout the year. There is the Fiesta of the Patios which is a ‘bst patio’ competition that takes please in early May for two weeks. 

In June there is a flamenco festival and also a guitar festival in July for two weeks.

What is Cordoba famous for? 

Cordoba was the Islamic capital of Spain and over a thousand years ago was western Europe’s biggest city. Today the city is a charming, popular place to explore the melting pot of different cultures that have had a presence in the city over the past few thousand years.

Mezquita Cordoba Spain

Advice for Visiting Cordoba in Spain

  • Cordoba is one of the hottest cities in Spain, so avoid August when the temperature regularly hits 40 degrees.
  • Most of the fiestas are held between mid-April and mid-June.
  • September and October are the best times to visit weatherwise.
  • Cordoba makes an excellent day trip from Seville or Granada. Find out how to travel from Cordoba to Granada.
  • If you are keen to visit another world heritage site on your trip, don’t miss the Antequera Dolmens.
Best Things to Do in Cordoba Spain

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