Visiting Chenonceau Chateaux

Château de Chenonceau

The Chateaux of Chenonceau is often featured on the front of guidebooks because it’s one of the most elegant buildings in France. Located on the River Cher, this beautiful building is romantically situated across the river where its graceful arches reflect in the rivers water. Surrounding the Chateaux are two beautiful gardens. This Chateaux is filled with furniture and artwork. Often these buildings can be beautiful but empty but here the interior is packed full of interesting details.

The Chateaux of Chenonceau is located in the Loire Valley, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What there is to see at Chenonceau

Tour des Marques

After buying your tickets and entering the grounds, you will reach this cute turreted tower. This tower survives from the original Chateaux built by Thomas Boheir in 1513. Thomas was chamberlain to King Charles VIII. He destroyed the castle that stood here and went about rebuilding a grand residence for himself and his wife. 

Renaissance Gothic Chapel

This stunning private chapel with its colourful stained glass windows is not to be missed! 

Grande Gallerie

This window lined gallery crosses the river Cher. During the Second World War, the Cher river marked the boundary between free and occupied France. This Gallerie was used by resistance fighters refugees fleeing nazi occupation. 

Mourning Room

On the top floor of the Chateaux, this room was used by Louise of Lorraine. She retreated to this room when her husband, Henry III was assassinated. 


The kitchens are a stark contrast to the elegant building upstairs.


There are manuicured gardens of every type here, from English, vegetable, flower etc. If you are feeling romantic, you can rent a rowing boat and view the chateaux in all its glory from the river. 

Where to eat in Chenonceau

There are picnic benches located just outside the entrance where you can sit and eat your own lunch or there is a self serve cafe. Alternatively there is a swanky restaurant located within the Orangerie. 

Getting to Chenonceau

I thought it would be easy to cycle from Amboise to Chenonceau, but this was no mean feat! When we arrived at Chenonceau, we were not looking forward to the cycle back. You can travel to Chenonceau from Tours via train which I would recommend. The train journey takes around 25minutes. When you arrive at the station entrance to the chateaux is only 50 meters away. 

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