Discovering the UNESCO Site of Edinburgh at the Tron Church Exhibition

This new exhibition aptly located on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh celebrates Edinburgh as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The exhibition is well worth a peek inside if your visiting the city and would like to know why it’s so famous.

The exhibition highlights the striking architectural contrast between Edinburgh’s New and Old Towns. The medieval old town is full of secret alleyways and wynds while the new town is full of classically Georgian architecture.

For those that don’t want to brave the elements by climbing Arthurs Seat, this exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to look at an aerial view of the city – without as much exercise being involved!

How Long Does the Exhibition Take?

It will take 10-15 minutes to look around and it is completely free. At the time of visiting there was a great gift shop in there too featuring plenty of great reads on historic Scotland.

What is Tron Kirk?

A kirk is basically a Scottish word for “church.” Tron Kirk which houses the UNESCO exhibition has stood at this site for 400 years. Beneath the building are the remains of Marlin’s Wynd, which is the earliest paved street in Scotland. Edinburgh World Heritage now leases the building.

Where to Find Out More

Visit the Edinburgh World Heritage website to find out everything you could want to know about Edinburgh as a World Heritage Site. The website features some great walks and mentions the iconic sites you might see when wondering the city.

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