Snuggle in Greenwich: The Cosiest Pubs in London

Cutty Sark Pub, Greenwich, London

Snuggle in Greenwich: The Cosiest Pubs in London

For lovers of boats, museums and history Greenwich is a must visit! It also has some of the most historic pubs in London, making it even better if you enjoy a tipple or two!

Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich

Whitebait suppers were prized by the Victorians and famously served at the Trafalgar Tavern. Liberal members of the Cabinet would assemble in the upper room at the Trafalgar to enjoy them and writers and artists would often attend. Charles Dickens was a notable guest.

It is said that the atmosphere of the dinners was very relaxed due to the seaside nature of the Greenwich. The whitebait was served fresh alongside iced champagne or punch.

“…there is no next morning hangover like that which follows a Greenwich dinner…”

Charles Dickens

The Trafalgar Tavern was designed by Joseph Kay in the year of Queen Victoria’s accession in 1837. After 1890 it became a working men’s club and a block of flats. It was reopened in the fifties into what you can see today.

This larger establishment isn’t quite as snug as the other pubs on this list, but its views of the river from indoors are first class.

Address: Park Row, London SE10 9NW

Cutty Sark, Greenwich

There has been an inn at this spot for nearly 500 years! The current building was erected in 1804 when it was then known as The Union. In 1954 it was renamed the Cutty Sark after the famous tea clipper, which you can see a little further along the river towards Greenwich.

This pub is a winner on an evening for a bottle of red. Due to its popularity sometimes the food doesn’t quite match the surroundings, however, after a riverside stroll, it’s an ambient spot with a great atmosphere.

Address: 4-6 Ballast Quay, London SE10 9PD

Plume of Feathers, Greenwich

You would probably never know about this nook at the corner of Greenwich park until reading about it here. One of the oldest pubs in Greenwich, it has stood here since 1691 and has continually served as a public house ever since. Travellers would pass through the gatehouse of the Queen’s House and stop off at the Plume of Feathers before heading off to Kent.

Today the cosy atmosphere is provided by the sound of the fire or the low murmurs of locals chatting at the bar. Food is served in the pub itself or in the purpose-built dining room at the back.

Address: 19 Park Vista, London SE10 9LZ

Where is Greenwich?

The UNESCO site of Maritime Greenwich is the perfect place to spend a day exploring. If you want to find out more about what’s in Greenwich, click here.

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